How come Cats fall on their feet every time

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How come Cats fall on their feet every time?

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself: How come Cats fall on their feet every time? We have all witnessed it before our eyes many times in our life but have I asked myself ever? Well, actually I did the other day. Anyone who owns a cat or a kitten, knows that indeed and realized that cats have no problem with heights and they just love to climb everywhere, isn’t it?

I was going down the street and got scared at the craziest moment for a pretty long time by the flying cat. Actually what happened, cat fell from the balcony, slipped while chasing the pigeons on the fence. Yeah, imagine that. What follows the moment is how extremely well cat touched the ground, hilarious. And just ran back into the building, like nothing happened. I was like wooow, shoot.

And then I started wondering. How? It is called cat righting reflex. It is cat’s inbred instinct to orient itself as it falls in order to land on it’s feet. Cats are able to do this because they have flexible backbone and no functional collarbone. So with their righting reflex, cats most of the time fall without getting injured.

So, how it happens? The cat has ability to twist it’s spine because it is highly flexible. The first thing first. Where is the land and where is the sky? Cat uses it’s eyes and/or it’s inner ear to determine which way is up and which way is down. The next thing is they twist their spine in the way that top half of the body turns the opposite way of the other part of the body while following the top part and all that while in the air. So, right before the fall the cat is ready to land on it’s feet.

Here is a video from National Geographic that will show you how it really happens in slo-mo.


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