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Great Tips for How to Sleep Better

Photo shows how people sleep better
Written by FreshTalk

At first I will conclude by personal experience what gets you to sleep better, definitely how you spend your day prior. What has happened to you that day prior to your sleep actually makes a dream, a better sleep. A good day depends on how well you slept, and good sleep at night depends on how good day you had. So yes, they are tied, but not absolutely.

So i say, according to what we’ve done today pretty much says what we’ll dream about tonight and how well we will sleep.

Day and night are so tied that you sometimes don’t even realize it. A good day depends on how well you slept, and good sleep at night depends on how good day you had. So yes, they are tied, but not absolutely. There are a lots of other factors, conditions, moments, etc…that affect how well we sleep. It could be too warm even hot or too cold to have a good sleep. It could be hunger or filled stomach with late dinner. It could be noisy neighbours, a good late night movie, stress at work, family fight or some other stress. There are numerous reasons for not being able to sleep better.

According to psychiatrists while studying a good sleep for human being, quality prevails quantity.  They say that quality sleep matters not how long it lasts but how long it takes to have a calm not-intermittent sleep. Some people need 6-7 hrs of sleep and some need 8-9 hrs. It doesn’t matter how long you slept as long as it was in one piece and calm and quiet.

Stress is one of the main reasons today for not having a good sleep. If you got stressed at work, home, by phone call or whatever reason try first to calm yourself. A cup of hot green tea does the job for a light stress. A half an hour walk alone or a dog walk if you have one helps too. A nice chat with best buddy or marriage partner also helps to sleep better. Otherwise, some people look for professional help and get prescribed sleeping pills/medicaments.

Eating at late hours could make you not feeling well, so don’t, don’t eat late and also watch out what you eat for your last meal. It should be light and easy digestive. Don’t have a coffee around 2100 hours, that’s a no sleeper guaranteed. It is said that bananas are good before sleep in case you feel hunger. Shower or bath is also good for well sleep. Breathing deep is very successful at calming your body and spirit.

A bed itself and a pillow is also one of the factors of good sleep. Try to get yourself a good bed and mattress depending on what surface comfort you like, and don’t skimp on it – believe me – a great mattress is worth every cent to sleep better. Same goes for the pillow.

If you ever caught yourself sneezing or coughing often during the sleep than it is either you got cold/fever or you are allergic on something. If it’s repetitive for longer period of time than it must be allergies. So you better get yourself checked up/test for allergies.

Your daily routine also affects the way you sleep. It is known that if you during the working week go to the bed about the same time every evening and waking up about the same time too makes a good sleep for sure. You will get sleepy about the same time and you wouldn’t want to miss it and also it will make it easier to wake up about the same time every morning feeling fresh and rest.

Avoid heavy thoughts (for ex. bills), work related monologues or dialogues, emotional conversations, instead think of coming weekend, holidays and vacations.

For the end, please pay some attention to what you read in this article, because it could help you to sleep better. Also, like and share with your friends and family and remind them good night sleep matters a lot for not only the next day to come, but for the health and the way of life.

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