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How To Know Is Your Dog Getting Sick

Photo shows sad dog, possible expression of dog getting sick.
Written by FreshTalk

Dogs, just like any other pet or animal are getting sick sometimes no matter what cause, but there are symptoms you can recognize is your dog getting sick or just having a bad day, not being in the mood.

The very first we could say it would be regular everyday dog behaviour.  If you were playing and had fun with your dog yesterday, and suddenly the next day it starts to behave unusual, sluggishness, slowness, lethargy, like not in a mood, or feeling sad, or even sometimes showing light aggressiveness, these could easy be called a first prompts of your dog getting sick. At that point you should already ask yourself if your dog’s health has been affected and should you go and take it to be examined by vet. The sad moment of your dog and yours relation is that it cannot tell you if it’s getting or being sick, but it can indeed express it and thank God for that, ours is just to recognize it.

So, we have told you about some of the first indicators to your dog getting sick and how to act to it. Now, there are also some symptoms that indicate to a more specific or serious illness. If your dog expresses a change in appetite (weak or risen), that can show signs of some disorder. Try to feed it with its favourite snack and watch for reaction. If it refuses and turns away then that should ring an alarm, see a vet. Bad breath can show a problems with stomach, digestion.

React if your dog’s eyes, nose or mouth look different. Eyes have always been a prompt indicator of illness to all live beings, humans, animals, everyone. Eye pupils should always be about the same size and iris and the whites of the eye should be clear. Mouth and nose state can also be an indicator of dogs health state. If it’s mouth gum or tongue are different color than usual it could be of possible illness. If it produces much more saliva than regularly it could also be a sign.

Body temperature can also be an indicator of possible fever or cold, even something serious. You should know that even if your pet feels warmer while touching it may not prompt to possible fever because dogs have a warmer body temperature than humans. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), a temperature of 101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit (38.3 to 39.2 degrees Celsius) is typical for pooches, whereas human’s normal body temperature is just 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius), with an average range of about 97 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit (36.1 to 37.2 degrees Celsius). Much like humans, a dog’s temperature may rise or drop for various reasons, including infection, shock, inflammation, the external temperature, vaccinations or accidentally ingesting something toxic. If your dog’s temperature falls below 99 degrees Fahrenheit (37.2 degrees Celsius) or rises above 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), you’ve got a fairly serious situation on your hands, and should get him to a vet immediately.

If you notice a repetitive sneezing, coughing and progressive saliva discharge than it is a sign of possible fever and your dog getting sick, and most safest solution would be to visit your nearest vet.

Changes in body weight of the dog, and in particular the loss of weight is the basic sign of concern, because many diseases are manifested with unjustified and sudden weight loss. Soft or liquid stools can be a sign of a disease, also if it’s color changed. Particularly alarming is appearance of mucus or traces of blood in the feces. The appearance of urine and frequency of urination can suggest whether the dog has some health problems. For example, frequent urination, with symptoms such as increased thirst, vomiting, can be a sign of kidney disorders.

Okay, so we concluded how dogs are susceptible to different illnesses, infections, fevers, colds, digestive problems, skin/hair problems, etc. You can definitely react expressive and make your dog sickness shorten, simply said help your dog just by recognizing some obvious symptoms of sick animal.

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